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Monday, February 11, 2013

A Week of Detox/Day One I mentioned on The Fit Life, LLC's Facebook page, it's been a fabulous Fall and Winter full of travel and adventure. The two weeks before Thanksgiving were spent exploring Costa Rica. In early January we took off to Utah for a week of skiing. Here a ski weekend, there a ski weekend...And just last week, we spent another week skiing in the Poconos. It's been fabulous, and I consider myself very lucky to be able to do these things.

That being said, it's really hard to maintain healthy habits while on travel (and with a group of people who do not eat the way we eat). There has been far too much unhealthy food and drink in my diet since mid November. The result is that I feel toxic--sluggish with frequent headaches and digestive issues. My body is telling me it needs a Spring cleaning--even though Spring is still several weeks away.

So the next five days are detox days for me (Mark, my husband, is doing it as well--his own decision I might add). I think that will be enough time to rid my body of toxins and get back into the habit of healthy eating. What does five days of detox mean to me? For me it means five days of eating very pure--organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains (i.e. quinoa). No dairy, meat (not even fish), alcohol, or processed carbs.

Although I'm not doing this as a method for weight loss, I will be tracking my weight simply because I'm curious about what kind of "crap" (literally) I have stored up in my body after three months of not very diligent eating and drinking. My weight has certainly increased during the past three months. When I left for Costa Rica I weighed 117. Currently, I'm at 126.2. That needs to come off, but I know it will take some time and getting back into my habit of healthy eating and interval training.

I thought I would share the five days of detoxing with you--and keep you apprised of how I'm feeling and what I'm eating.

Day One
Weight: 126.5

Coffee with about a 1/4 teaspoon of coconut sugar and a few tablespoons of coconut milk
To detox the body, I really shouldn't be drinking coffee--or any caffeine. But I just didn't want to deal with withdrawal headaches all week. I could have taken an extra week to taper off the caffeine, but I really wanted to do this this week.

Breakfast: Anti-Oxidant Smoothie
1 -cup water
1-cup unsweetened organic pomegranate juice
1-cup frozen mixed berries

I cut up an organic cucumber to munch on while I was out with my canine clients, but unfortunately, I left it sitting on the counter. I was really hungry by mid morning (I've been eating a few eggs for breakfast, so my stomach wasn't sure what to do about having just a smoothie), so I made a quick stop at the grocery and purchased:
one apple
a little ready to go dish of mixed berries (strawberries, red raspberries, blackberries and blueberries)
a container of assorted varieties of cherry tomatoes

Salad made with:
raw pumpkin seeds
lemon juice
olive oil
black pepper

I'm typing this as we drive to Perfect North Slopes for yet another night of skiing, so I had to plan ahead for our dinner. I didn't want to ruin a day of clean eating by dining on pizza at the ski lodge. So this morning I made a carrot ginger soup. It's in a thermos, so we can easily have it for dinner. I also packed a few raw cashews and raw pumpkin seeds to munch on so we feel satiated and have energy for skiing.

With Day One almost in the bag, how did I feel?

Good. Mentally, I feel great because I know I'm feeding my body really good food. I've had a slight headache since mid morning. I'm not sure if it's because I waited too long to drink my smoothie (I'm very prone to headaches and any change in my schedule can set me off). My digestion is in over-drive. I can come up with several reasons for that: First, I've been limiting my fruit for a long time because of the carbs. And this morning my body got a huge dose of fruit. Also, by eating pure, the body doesn't have to work nearly as hard to digest the food. Food flows through the system much faster. Plus, I made sure to eat the fruit on an empty stomach--not mixed with any other food.

I'm looking forward to the soup. It will be my first hot meal of the day--and there's just something about eating something hot that satisfies me. It's why I don't think I could ever make the leap to being a raw foodie.

I didn't teach any fitness classes today--I just had my human and canine clients. Tomorrow is a different story. I teach three classes and have a full day of canine clients. We'll see how my energy holds up. I should be fine because I'm getting plenty of carbs from fruit.

I will check back in tomorrow night!

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