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Friday, February 15, 2013

Detox: Final Day

I won't lie. Today was not a good detox day. It started fine with an orange/mixed berry smoothie, but went downhill from there.

So rather than telling you about the not-so-good food choices I made today, I thought I would use this as a lesson on WHY made bad choices.

I think there were two big reasons for not following through on the detox menu today:
1.) I was tired, and
2) because of that, I wasn't prepared for the day.

I worked late last night. I ate dinner much later than I like to eat dinner. Then Mark and I had our little Valentine's Day together. I took a soak in the hot tub--and then went to bed about an hour later than I meant to.

I agreed to sub and extra class. I added in an extra client at the last minute. It all added up to not being prepared for the day. I didn't have a lunch or snacks packed. And I jammed my schedule so full, I didn't have time to stop for any.

So I ended up spending my day hungry, somewhat light-headed and stressed out. Lesson learned.

We did have a delicious, homemade, sweet potato, carrot soup for dinner.

Failures aside, it was a good week of detoxing the body. I really enjoyed feeding my body so many fruits and vegetables. I felt energized, and I truly feel like I flushed some evil stuff out of my system.

I also learned that as much as I like starting my morning with a smoothie that is meant to clean the body, it is NOT conducive to teaching early morning fitness classes. It doesn't provide me with enough fuel AND you can't have your system ready to flush in the middle of a class!

Now to get back to a regular schedule of healthy eating (with a splurge now and then), and a regular exercise schedule (outside of the classes I teach--I need exercise that just for me).

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