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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Fun Holiday Workout

We did a fun holiday workout in boot camp today. I thought I would share it. This was a TRX boot camp,
so part of the class was spent on the TRX. This isn't meant to be an hour long workout (although you could probably modify so it does)!

I think it would be a good challenge to try at home!

The Twelve Days of Boot Camp

On the first day of boot camp my instructor gave to me...

A burpee with a push-up.

Second: Frog Jumps

Third: Lunges (ea. side)

Fourth: Jump Squats/Box Jumps

Fifth: Carpet Inch Worms (boot campers have carpet squares under their feet and use core muscles to pull their legs up, then they walk their hands back down like an inchworm)

Sixth: Jumping Jacks

Seven: Full Sit-ups

Eight: High Knees

Nine: Dippy Birds (ea sides). Dippy birds are what I like to call single-leg dead-lifts/hip hinges--because you look like one of those little birds that dips down and drinks the water). 

Ten: Squat Kicks

Eleven: Push-up Side Planks

Twelfth: Mountain Climbers

Just like the song, the class goes through the days and counts backwards (i.e. on the sixth day of boot camp my instructor gave to me: Six Jumping Jacks, Five Carpet Inch Worms, Four Jump Squats, Three lunges, Two Frog Jumps and a Burpee with a Push-up).


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