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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Detox Day Four

Weight: 123.5 ( system must be fully for the hard work of taking off the actually extra fat gained over the winter)!

Detox Smoothie: unsweetened coconut water, mango, juice from a lime, pinch of cayenne pepper.

Half of my lunch--which is left-over spaghetti squash with some all natural marinara sauce

The rest of my left-overs

Afternoon Snack
Nothing. I had the lunch fairly late in the afternoon

8:15pm--much later than I like to have dinner, but my schedule was crazy today
Roasted carrot salad
carrots roasted in cumin and red pepper flakes on a bed of spinach, broccoli sprouts, avocado, and raw pumpkin seeds.

Okay...I totally went off the detox here. But, come on, it's Valentine's Day...and my husband bought me some chocolate and my favorite wine. So I had a little of each.

I should probably start today's blog by telling you how my typical Thursday goes...
I get up at 4:30am and have some coffee (which is already made because I set the timer on my coffee pot). I throw on my workout clothes in front of the fire), then drive to the local Rec. Center to teach an hour indoor cycling class. I typically depend on whatever carbs I had the night before to get me through. Occasionally, I will have a handful of almonds or something small. My hope is that during cycling, I'm throwing my body into fat burning mode.

After cycling I have an hour before I teach boot camp, so I will run to Panera and have a bowl of their steel cut oatmeal and another cup of coffee. I am always very hungry at that point. The oatmeal typically gets me through boot camp and to lunch.

Thursdays are my lightest day with canine clients. I usually just have one or two, so I have some down time during the day. I often grab a snack around 4pm to get me through the evening classes, and then have a light dinner around 7:30 when I get home.

Today I had my smoothie before cycling and skipped the coffee/oatmeal break after class (I opted for a hot shower instead). Two problems arose....

First, the detox smoothies are meant to flush the bad stuff out of your system. So even though I went to the restroom just minutes before class started, I had to go so bad toward the end of class that I thought I'd have to excuse myself! Too much liquid!

Second, by the time I was about halfway through the boot camp class, I was STARVING--so much so that I was getting a little light-headed. So as soon as I got home, I had half of today's lunch. Munching on a cucumber just wasn't going to cut it.

I had the second half of my lunch late in the afternoon--so it gave me plenty of fuel to teach my two evenings classes.

Dinner was much later than I like, but it just couldn't be helped tonight.

I wish I had taken of picture of tonight's dinner, because it was so attractive! Delicious too. But I was so hungry by then, I just dove in!

Tomorrow will be the last of the detox blogs. I feel like it did the body some good. It needed a Spring cleaning. Now to just settle back into a pattern of healthy eating.

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