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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Insanity Day #2

I just finished my first actual Insanity workout (yesterday was just the fitness test and measurements). I started the day with a 3.5 mile trail run (as I mentioned yesterday, I'm also training for a half marathon, so I can't neglect the running). During the run my legs were actually a little sore from the fitness test (I'm not use to all the plyometric/jumping moves), so I knew it was going to be a tough workout for my first day.

Week #1 begins with a warm-up, then goes into three minutes of intense cardio followed by a 30 second break for water and to get your heart rate down. It follows that pattern until the cool down, with the whole program lasting 40 minutes. I can tell you just from the first day, this is not a workout program for a beginner or anyone with back or knee injuries. You need to have a decent fitness base or you won't even get through the workout (and you could really get injured).

The three minute intervals were intense. I didn't make it through a single three minutes without needed to stop and bring my heart rate down. My max heart (220 - age) is around 180 bpm. After about the first minute of intervals it would shoot up into the 170s (I wore my heart rate monitor), and I would start to feel kind of nauseous. So I'd take a break--get it back into the low 160s and start back in.

I felt pretty pathetic, but it's also my first day. Had it been easy, this wouldn't be much of a challenge!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's workout. It's not a running day, so we'll see if I have more energy without the run. It certainly made me sweat!

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