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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Reflections at 40

I decided that a blog was in order today because it's my 40th birthday. And, certainly I have some profound thoughts on turning 40. Hmmmm...profound thoughts...profound thoughts....

Well, there's this: One year ago today (my 39th birthday) I was at my desk job and the heaviest and most out of shape I've been. (Relatively speaking, neither my weight nor my fitness level were atrocious, but for me, they weren't where I wanted them to be). I vowed that in one year I would be 40, fit and fabulous. I had 365 days to accomplish my goal--and I didn't do too bad. I'm fit for 40--and I'm trying to be okay with that. It's different than being fit at 25. 40-year-old women aren't suppose to be built like 25 year-old women. We're not girls anymore, we're women.

Fitness at 40 definitely isn't as easy as it was at 30! But I think you appreciate the small changes in your body more at 40 because you have to work so much harder to achieve them! Plus, you just don't sweat the small stuff so much. Remember back in high school when you'd be mortified because a big pimple popped out on your cheek? Now you just laugh at the fact that you're still getting pimples, along with gray hairs and wrinkles!

I made my passion my career (again). It will take a year or so for business to get where I want it to be, but luckily I have a wonderful, supportive husband who is willing to support my dream.

I have many, many cool friends (old and new) on Facebook, and a core group of really good friends that are my anchor in every day life. I think as a person ages, their core group becomes smaller--but that's okay. It's not like college when you had a list of friends you could call when you wanted to go out, but that core group is there for you through thick and thin. And I love and trust them dearly.

The older I get the drier I like my wine and the darker I like my coffee! And the more I realize I need to drink both in moderation--both for my health and because I don't like the cheap stuff anymore! Which leads right into: The older I get the more I care about what I put in my body. Ramen noodles and other boxed delights just don't cut it anymore. I try to eat as pure as possible.

As I get older I get more and more comfortable with who I am as a person. I don't worry so much about gaining approval from others. I am who I am! And I'm excited to see what comes next.

At 40 I still love adventure. I celebrated my 40th by taking a tree climbing class. And next weekend I'm participating in a 100-mile charity bike ride.

The older I get the more I love my pets. The love of a pet is pure and unconditional. There's just not an evil bone in their little bodies. I will never understand how someone could wish harm upon an animal. Losing my kitty, Bricklee, about a month ago was one of the biggest heartbreaks of my life. He was my friend and confidant for 18 years, and he will not be forgotten.

Turning 40 isn't so bad. Okay, so we bought an air mattress for our tent because over the years the ground has become so hard! And roller-coasters seem to jostle parts they never jostled before. That's okay because we still camp in our tent and we still hit the occasional amusement park. Age is just a number. Living life to its fullest is what counts.

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