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Monday, August 30, 2010

My 60 Days of Insanity

Everyone needs to mix it up now and then--push themselves in ways you haven't pushed it before. That's why I've decided to take the 60-day Insanity challenge. It's an intense 60-day fitness and nutrition program designed to take you to the next level of fitness.

Since I am now running The Fit Life, LLC full-time, the timing seems right for me to try this program. Since I left my full-time desk job, I've seen my fitness level increase. The next 60 days will be a great kick-start to my new career.

The first time I decided to make fitness my career I was in my low 30s. And I will say, at 40 it takes awhile longer to get the personal trainer body back!

Today is day #1 (probably the easiest day of the program). I weighed in, took my measurements and completed the fitness test. I even put on my bikini and took "before" pictures (I will not be posting those. I'm bold, but I'm not THAT bold)! I'll consider posting the "after" shots depending on how the program goes.

Tomorrow starts a week of plyometric cardio circuit training ("blast fat off your body with explosive cardio intervals - approx. 40). I'll let you know how it goes!

I'm also training for a half marathon. We'll see if the added exercise helps or hurts the training!


  1. At least you still own a bikini! I'd have to take my pics (if I were going to) in my skivvies!!

  2. I do own one; however, I wear it with board shorts that come down to my knees!

  3. What did you think about the fit test? Insanity will get your legs ready for the half marathon for sure.


  4. Hi Brad,
    Thanks for the email (will respond as soon as I get a chance). I thought the fit test was hard, but I don't think I did too bad for a 40-year-old! I'm excited to take it again on day 15 to see some improvement. All the jump moves are kicking my butt, but I do think they'll burn off some fat I'm holding onto and improve my running pace.


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