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Monday, August 2, 2010

Day One of The Fit Life: The Best Laid Plans…

I’ve been so excited for today. Today is my first official day of running The Fit Life, LLC full-time. I made a list of everything I want to accomplish. The plan was to get up and run around the Sugarcreek Metro Park, then lift weights, and do a really good stretch out. I needed to finish reading my chapter in nutrition and take my weekly exam.

Next, I was going to organize my little office. It not only has papers EVERYWHERE that need filed, but the carpets need cleaned (sick kitty had an accident on it a while ago and despite my best efforts, I can still smell it). Then I was going to unpack the boxes from my day job office and make my home office look really nice. Organized. Organization is not my strong suit, so it was excited to start my new life very organized.

Next I was going to design a business brochure and flyer, write a blog, and prepare a delicious, healthy dinner for Mark and I.

Well, the best laid plans often go astray. Instead I seem to have a case of food poisoning. We went to a picnic yesterday afternoon, and my stomach and I have been battling it out ever since—all night and all day. I’m blaming the pasta salad. It’s the only thing that I had that Mark didn’t—and he’s fine today.

So there certainly wasn’t a run or weight-lifting this morning. I did read my text and take my exam. I did manage to file all my paperwork between bolts to the bathroom. I vacuumed. I went out to the shed to get the carpet shampooer. I lugged it up the stairs. I’ve never used it before and there were no directions, so I tried to run it on common sense. Unfortunately, I failed to notice that a mouse had made a rather large nest in the head of the vacuumed. I quickly discovered it when I turned the shampooer on and mouse nest blew all over the room (luckily the mouse wasn’t in there at the time). What a mess!

And I am writing a blog. Not the blog I intended to write today, but there’s always tomorrow.

The blessing in all this is that I have a great new boss (hee hee…that’s me!), and she is trying to be very understanding about me being sick on my first day of work.

Tomorrow is a brand new day, and I will start at the top of my list!

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