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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Week #1 of Insanity

Well, I've made it through the first week of Insanity. You get to rest on Sundays; however, we need to get a distance run in. But honestly, a flat 6-mile run will seem like a piece of cake after the last six days!

Today's workout was actually the same as Tuesdays. I was happy to see that I did better this time. I still had to stop a few times and rest, but I actually made it through the first several intervals without stopping. So improvement after just a few days! Yeah!

Mark did the workout with me this morning. It was quite a sight watching us workout to a DVD in the living room while dodging the pets running around with their toy mousies. I was secretly happy that he also had to stop a few times and rest. Cardio seems to come so easily for him, I tend to get discouraged when he's so much better than me at athletic feats.

On day #15 you re-take the fitness test. I will also weigh-in and check measurements. I won't expect miracles after 15 days, but hopefully I'll see some changes! The program comes with a nutrition plan as well. I'm not really following it because it involves a lot of protein powder--and I'm not really a fan. I'd rather get my protein through natural sources (fish, nuts, flax, soy, beans, etc.). With the nutrition classes I'm taking, our nutrition is pretty solid right now.

I'm feeling great!

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