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Monday, August 27, 2012

Photo Challenge Day Six: A Childhood Memory

This was the first challenge I really had to think about. I don't have any of my childhood stuffed animals. And I'm not close enough to any of the childhood places I remember to run and grab a picture. So this is what I came up with:

It's one of those cheap, little plastic balls you find in big bins at the grocery or convenience store. I use to beg my parents for a new plastic ball when I saw them at the store. When I see the big bin of balls now, I still kind of want one (okay, obviously I have one...I use it when doing pool workouts with clients).

I could amuse myself for hours with one of these when I was little. And sooner or later, a neighborhood girl would come by, and want to play as well. It was so simple. We'd stand on a driveway playing two square--laughing and talking for hours. No batteries or electricity required.

I'm not a parent, so I have no idea if little girls still amuse themselves this way or not. From my viewpoint it seems like childhood has changed so much since I was a girl.

We use to sped our day riding our bikes around town. I don't think parents feel safe letting their young children do that anymore.

What's a pleasant memory from your childhood?

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