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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Last we spoke I had just finished a full week of Insanity and was feeling very proud and strong. Well, week #2 didn't go so well. Let me explain:

After six days of the workout, last Sunday was a day off, and Monday (Labor Day) was slated for our long run. I needed to do six miles. Six flat miles. I've been running hills so I thought it would be a breeze. But even after a day of rest, my legs were so fatigued that the run was terrible. My legs felt like I had cement blocks as shoes!

I decided I would definitely have to cut the Insanity workouts for a minimum of two days before long runs, or I would never be able to build up for the half marathon that's only a month away.

On Tuesday, I put in the DVD and started the Insanity workout, but my legs were still exhausted. I made it through the warm-up (which is hard enough to start the sweat pouring), but as the plyometric moves started, my legs were still exhausted.

So I made the decision not to do the Insanity workouts until after the next long run to see how my legs would do. I did my long run (8 miles) yesterday and it went much better. My legs were almost back to normal.

So I think I've come to the decision that at 40 with bad knees (from previous marathons) I can't go full force into the Insanity workout until after the half. I'm not going to give it up entirely. I'm going to focus on doing two Insanity workouts a week until after the half. Then I will go full force again from the beginning. I think it will be a great winter program. And it will get my legs strong and ready for skiing.

But for right now my focus is my running. I don't want to risk injury or end up missing out on the race.

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  1. I hear you! I'm the same way during cycling season. I pretty much stop doing leg weight training, focusing on core & upper body, or else I just can't handle the sprints & long rides.


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