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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Harcombe Diet - Day 3 of Detox

Day three weigh-in: 133.6 (.2 down from yesterday)

Keeping it short today. Day three went pretty well. I had lunch plans that I made before deciding to do this diet, so I kept them. It was a Mexican restaurant so I thought I might be in trouble. But I did well! I had shrimp fajitas and just ate the peppers, onions and shrimps. I didn't touch the chips and salsa--now that's restraint.

I had my normal 3pm craving for something sweet (right as they brought a big cake into the office), but I resisted and stuck to water.

My run was still terrible tonight. No energy! But when I looked back at what I ate, I realized I had almost no carbs, so I'm guessing that contributed to low energy. I guess I need my brown rice at lunch instead of dinner.

Just two tenths of a pound lost this time. That's okay--I didn't expect to lose another five. If I took off .2 a day that would be just fine!

More tomorrow.


  1. Hey gurl...I will be checking back. Next week I start a Fat Buster class will keep you posted. I had my BMI done in a bodpod - though after doing it, there's controversy as to the accuracy, particularly in women. Can't get rid of my belly according the fitness guy whose doing the class, situps don't work, it's about diet and supplements. We'll see. Keep up the great work.

  2. oh and btw, bellatrix is me..your fav DOT friend who came all the way to your lovely wedding.

  3. I'm glad you told me, because I would not have known it was you! Now I must look up "bodpod".


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