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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Musings of a 40-Something Fitness Instructor: Ah-Choooo-Uh Oh!

The first time it happens it's a little horrifying. You're walking along...maybe it's allergy season, or
you have a cold. Then it happens--the sneeze pee.

With any luck, you're wearing black pants (or more likely, black yoga pants). You're like, "What in the hell just happened?"

I'll be honest. I thought I was immune. I thought only women who had had babies dealt with the sneeze pee. Not so. It's something many women of a certain age deal with (I've talked to a few childless friends in their 30's who have already experienced this phenomenon).

I don't think there's a cure. It's not like those muscles are out of shape--I'm a Pilates instructor for goodness sake. I know all about my sit bones and my pelvic floor.  I do my Kegels!

And it's not just sneezing! There's the coughing fit pee, jump roping pee, jump squat pee...

My husband and I decided to check out the local trampoline place one date night. (Yes, we were the oldest people there--other than the parents sitting in the waiting area).  I thought, "It's a trampoline--nice, soft landing--no problem." Problem. Ladies, if you are going to go jump on a trampoline or add a little jump roping to your workout, WEAR A PANTY LINER OR PAD!

Some other tools of the trade:

Cross your legs when you sneeze or cough. Yes, even if you're walking down the sidewalk, stop and cross your legs. You may look a little funny (other women will nod and relate, standing by you in solidarity), but not as funny as the wet spot on your pants.

Always pee before jumping (or running, or bouncing of any kind). It's not a guarantee, but it will help.

I keep looking at the ads, but I haven't taken the plunge yet (I plan to), but buy some of those period panties or the undies for "women who tinkle". Seriously, let's just do it. Order them right now.

And when it happens, just realize you're not alone so don't be too embarrassed.

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