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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Kerala, India Con't

Day four of our retreat. I've now gone through four days of treatments--I think I'm getting use to be naked and fondled...kind of. Actually, as I listen to others in our group discuss their various treatments, I feel pretty lucky that I'm very healthy. I've been assigned six days of "Rejuvenation Therapy". Those who have health issues are assigned "Purification Therapies"...and yes, they are probably the types of things you are imagining in your head right now--things that require close proximity to a bathroom.

You'll like this. I had a reaction to some of the oils they used on my face, so here it the medicine they put on to help it.

It's like I'm back home doing a mud race!

Today we finally took a little excursion to a beach town about twenty minutes away--Kovalum. It catered to tourists, but it was nice to see something besides the resort. The water was nice, and I picked up a few souvenirs. I'm guessing every article of clothing I've bought in Yellow Springs, OH was made here. I actually saw a top I own in one of the stores. Pretty stuff though--and so much cheaper than we pay for it in the U.S.

Tomorrow, it's morning yoga/meditation (unless I skip out for a run on the beach), a trip to the herb farm where they make all the natural medicines used here, treatment #5, and a trip to a Hindu temple.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Juju. The mud it's perfect and the beach looks great.


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