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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kicking It Up a Notch: A 5k PR

Goal: 5k Personal Record (Previous record: 8:25 minute miles, with a time of 26:10). Of course, I would love to hit my New Year's Resolution of an under 8-minute mile, 5k, but realistically, I'm just not quite there. 

Weight: Last check (a few days ago) 121 lbs.
Body Fat: I assume I'm still in that 18% range
Breakfast: Green smoothie with some oatmeal blended in, and of course, coffee

It's been awhile since I tested my 5k pace (especially at a nice morning race--when I feel most energetic). So Mark (the spouse) and I looked online to see what we could find for this morning. We found one in Fairborn, Ohio called The 5k for Turkey Day. Benefits from the race provide those in need with a Thanksgiving meal. So that seemed like a nice thing to put our $25 registration fee toward.

Plus, a small race is nice to test your pace--no bottlenecks to slow you down!

I was really ramped up to test my pace. So much so I was actually nervous at the start. Two things had me worried: the course had some hills; and I have a bit of a cold (sinus stuff). So I was afraid my breathing would be off. (It was a little, but not too bad).

The race went pretty well. According to my gps I averaged 8:16 minute miles--which is a PR for me. I believe it had my time as 24:24--which is certainly a PR--however, the course was about a tenth and a half short--so I don't think I can count that as an official 5k race time. But it will be fun to try to beat it!

So I'm getting there--slowly chipping away at my time to reach that under 8-minute mile goal. It's September--I still have over three months to reach my goal! (And cooler weather is my best running time).

Another nice surprise (and why it is nice to run the small races sometimes), I was first overall female. That's a first for me! I've been first in my division a few times, but never first overall!

So I will consider the morning a win!

8:16 minute miles are now the time to beat in the next one!

Next weekend is the Iron Warrior--the 15.6 mile adventure race we've been training for. I'll let you know how it goes!

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