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Monday, August 19, 2013

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Burpeethon 2013

Because Burpees make falling down and getting back up look cool!


I am so very pleased to announce the first annual (we hope) Burpeethon!

The idea of this event came through a Facebook discussion with two of my Rec. Center friends--Tracy Gearon and Kevin Crisler. There are tons of 5ks out there, but how many Burpeethons have you seen?

The 2013 Burpeethon will take place on October 5th at 10am outside the shuffleboard court at Kettering Recreation Center. The event will benefit Tina Mazzotta--a young lady who is facing a rare form of cervical cancer. Please take a minute to read a little about her here.

Some of you would probably like me to explain exactly what a Burpeethon is. First thing's first: what's a Burpee? If you type this question into you can see many demonstration. We are not requiring the push-up for our event, so here's a link to one video that provides a good example.

The Burpeethon will last exactly one half hour. Participants will see how many Burpees they can do in that time frame--resting as often as they need to. They will be responsible for keeping track of their Burpees. Since we are giving awards to the top three "Burpee-ers," volunteers will be circulating to make sure people are keeping it honest (and to prevent injuries if someone's form is way off).

Participants will seek sponsorships for their Burpees. Sponsors can just give a flat donation or sponsor per Burpee. All sponsorship money will go to Tina's No Worries Fund. You can download a sponsorship form here.

So what do you get out of all this? Well, you get a half an hour of some awesome exercise! You burn MAJOR calories. You will also get a cool t-shirt with the saying above (title). And, you will be helping a fantastic, young lady through a really difficult time. Oh, and we'll have some munchies afterward so you can re-fuel.

So, are you ready to sign-up? Here is a link to the registration form. You can fill it out and mail it in with a check. The address is on the registration form. Or, you can fill it out electronically, email it to, and then pay for your registration here. Just select "Burpeethon" in the drop-down menu. Pre-registration is $15. Registration the day of will be $20 (cash or check only). If you register prior to Sept. 20th, you are guaranteed a t-shirt (for later registrations it will be while supplies last).

Seriously...can you think of a better way to spend a Saturday morning?

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