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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Recipe Post: Sloppy J.J.'s

This is a favorite of mine because it's soooo easy.

It is my own creation--hence the name "Sloppy J.J.'s". They are a vegetarian version of Sloppy Joe's (and I bet you could fool some carnivores with the recipe).

1. Set alarm ten minutes early. Get up and chop up a green pepper and half an onion (full one if you really like onions). If you want more spice you could throw in a jalapeno or habanero pepper.
2. Turn your crockpot on high. Put a little olive oil in the bottom. Dump in the green pepper and onions.
3. Go take your shower.
4. Come back to the crockpot, and turn it down to low.
5. Dump in a bag of veggie crumbles of some sort. My favorites are Trader Joe's meatless meatballs or Quorn's crumbles (great if you have a soy allergy). You can also sneak in some other veggies. For example--carrots, tomatoes. You can even chop up some spinach and toss it in about 5-10 minutes before you want to eat it. The kids will never notice.
6. Dump in a jar of your favorite BBQ sauce (I try to find ones with fairly wholesome ingredients (not too much sugar or too much sodium). I like the ones with some mustard in them.
7. Put the cover on the crockpot and go to work.
8. Come home. Dinner is ready.
9. Have some wholesome, natural, multi-grain buns ready for your feast.

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