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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Caution: I Bite!

I have a bad habit. (I assure you, I have more than one). But this particular habit I've had almost my entire life--probably since my first tooth! And it's time to overcome it.

I am a chronic nail biter. I bite until they hurt. It's an ugly habit--literally--my fingers (as you can see) are ugly. And it's an unhealthy habit (hands touch germs...I stick the germy hands in my mouth...).

I've quit a few times. The most successful was for the few months before my wedding. I wanted one of those pictures of the bride and groom's hands with the wedding bands showing. By the time we returned from the honeymoon, the nails were gone.

I'm not going for crazy, long nails or anything. I do too many nail-hindering activities for that. Just sensible nails that don't look bloody and sore. I want nails you aren't embarrassed to show when you meet new people.

So I'll keep you posted. Perhaps post a picture of my progress a few weeks from now.

For now, I'm going to get a few last bites in before I quit cold turkey. Feel free to leave me suggestions on how!

My nails now (sorry about the low quality picture, but taking a picture of your own hands is not an easy task):

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