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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Do what to my what??

Dry skin brushing. I know it sounds weird (and according to my husband, it looks a bit weird too), but it does a body good!

I had never heard of it before either, but then I started reading about it in one of my holistic health classes, and it intrigued me.

The body has four detoxification systems that help keep you healthy: the kidneys, liver, intestines and skin. The ways the kidneys, liver and intestines get rid of toxins are fairly obvious (we won't get into that right now), but how about the skin? Well, we sweat. That's one way our skin gets rid of toxin in our bodies (and for that reason, I encourage people to exercise without deodorant whenever possible. I realize you don't want all the other gym members to go screaming out of the gym, but if you're running by yourself through the woods, let the sweat flow)!

So, what are the benefits of dry brushing? Dry brushing stimulates the skins which improves circulation and cleanses the lymphatic system. It removes dead skin cells, activates oil glands in the skin (relieving dryness) and (this is what sold me) it's suppose to break-up cellulite and improve muscle tone.

So how does one brush their skin? First you need the right brush. You want one with natural bristles. Nylon bristles will damage your skin. I went to the drug store and picked up one of those bath brushes with the long wooden handles. Then, starting with the bottoms of your feet you gently brush your skin. Work your way up with nice, long strokes toward your heart. Where you have cellulite, spend some extra time and brush in circular motions. After you've gone up the legs, torso and back (ladies, skip the breast area--the skin there is too sensitive), go down the arms (including your hands) and back. Skip the face because if its sensitive skin. The whole process takes less than five minutes and really feels kind of nice! The best times to dry skin brush are before a shower (then follow with moisturizer if you'd like. I recommend an all natural oil) or before exercise (so you can sweat out more of those toxins). I've been doing it two or three times a day (keep in mind I'm a fitness instructor and tend to sweat and shower several times a day).

I'm new to this. I just started dry skin brushing a week ago. I will tell you the immediate benefits I've seen. First, my skin hasn't been nearly as dry. In the winter my skin gets so dry that it itches, and I just want to claw at it. Within two days, my skin was not itchy anymore. My skin has also become very soft. In fact, when I went to get my allergy shot the other day, the nurse told me I had the softest skin she had ever felt (like a baby's butt were her exact words).

I would love to tell you that the cellulite on my thighs has magically disappeared in a week, but I'm afraid I can't do that. But I am hopeful there will be some improvement in that area!

So treat yourself to some dry skin brushing. You deserve to pamper yourself a bit. And this is a quick, inexpensive (my brush cost less than $5) way to treat your body right!

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